Should I buy domain before hiring web developer?

The short answer is “no”. Most hosting companies offer a free domain registration with anew hosting account with renewal at about half the price charged by the well known domain registrars like GoDaddy and Network Solutions.

Domain Ownership

While you may prefer that the web develop register the domain name, and the hosting, it is important that you make sure you are the owner of your domain and that you have control of your own domain name. Make sure your domain and hosting is set up on your own separate account and not on the web developer’s account. Web developers come and go and you want to be able to have control your own website if the developer is no longer available.

Do I need extra domain names?

The well known domain registration websites also encourage users to purchase multiple domains.  In most cases, additional domains are unnecessary and can even work against you in your web site’s search engine rankings. (How many domain names does Google have? One, of course!)